Greetings in the name of our Lord & Saviour,

     I'm Pastor of House of God International Outreach Ministry, where my husband
Apostle Patrick Sutton is Overseer and Founder.  

     I gave my life to Christ over 20 years ago, I must admit that there were times I
wanted to give up, but thank God for His amazing grace.  I fell short at times when it
comes to the Will and Purpose of God, but He's always been faithful to His Word for
He has never left nor forsaken me.

     I've accomplished many tasks and assignments, but my biggest and most
meaningful accomplishment is at the present and still ahead of me, which is to make
full proof of the Ministry in which I was called.  My desire is to be pleasing in the
sight of my Heavenly Father.  I know that I was predestined for this day and time and
by knowing this I can walk fully in my calling by the power and authority of Jesus
Christ.  I thank God for His knowledge, because knowledge is power.  There's a
saying that goes like this, "What you don't know won't hurt you; but I find that not to
be true because in reality what you don't know can and will hurt you.  Because of
His knowledge,  I now have power and authority over the enemy I'm able to oversee
our Ladies Ministry, Teen Ministry and Children's Ministry, along with many other
ministries changing one life at a time as God leads.

     I give God all of the glory, honor and praise for choosing to use someone like
myself for His glory.  God has also given me a Writing Ministry to reach as many
souls as He shall allow by book formation.  Being a author is exciting but at the
same time I'm careful for I wish not to offend any but rather win souls for the
Kingdom of God.  I'm Host of our ladies talk show:  REAL TALK w/SISTER viewed all
over the world via-internet/Youtube.  I look forward to God using me to bless, heal,
transform, deliver and set free souls as I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as He

In God I put My Trust

Pastor Melissa Sutton
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